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Due to current market conditions, food prices are subject to change without notice.

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Appetizers & Sides

French Fries  5.00

Seasoned (Parmesan or Cajun) Fries  5.50

Tator Tots  5.00

Onion Rings  6.00

Mini Tacos  7.00

Mozzarella Sticks  7.00

Mac & Cheese Bites  7.00

Ghost Pepper Bites  7.00

Cheese Curds  7.00

Jalapeño Poppers (Cream Cheese)  7.00

Broccoli Cheddar Bites  7.00

Mini Corn Dogs  7.00

Chips & Nacho Cheese  7.00

Smoked Queso Dip  9.00

Shrimp Bites  9.00

Choose: Bang Bang, Buffalo, Honey Garlic, Sweet Chili

Nacho Supreme  11.00
   Half Order  9.00

Topped with chili, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, jalapeños & sour cream

Combo Basket  12.00

Fries, onion rings, poppers, mozzarella sticks, chicken strips, cheese nuggets

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Cup  5.50

Bowl  6.50

Chili Supreme (bowl only)  9.00

Topped with cheese, onions, sour cream, served with nacho chips

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Homemade 12" Pizzas

Mushrooms, onions or jalapeños added upon request

Pepperoni  13.00

Sausage  13.00

Combo Sausage & Pepperoni  14.00

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Add Fries or Tots for $3

1/3 lb. Burger  8.00

1/3 lb. Cheeseburger  8.50

1/3 lb. Cheeseburger/Brat Patty Burger  9.00

1/3 lb. Bacon Cheeseburger  9.50

Big Town Burger  10.00

1/2 lb. burger with lettuce, tomato & onions

East Town Burger  10.00

1/2 lb. burger with bacon, swiss, mushrooms & onions

Burhite Burger  10.00

1/2 lb. bacon cheeseburger with mac & cheese bites, jalapeños & sriracha sauce

The Big Daddy Burger  12.00

Two 1/3 lb. burger patties with double bacon & double cheese

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Sandwiches & Wraps

Add Fries or Tots for $3
Add cheese, lettuce/tomato, or additional sauces for 50¢ ea.

Pizza Brat Burger  9.00

Sea Burger  7.00

Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy)  8.00

Thick Cut Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwich   8.00

BLT Wrap  9.00

Wrapped with 6 pieces of bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese & mayo

Chicken Wrap (Grilled or Crispy)  9.00

Choose: Ranch, Southwest or Buffalo. Includes cheese, lettuce, tomato & onions

Tiny Special Chicken Wrap (Grilled or Crispy)  10.00

Choose: Ranch & BBQ or Buffalo. Includes bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions

Steak Sandwich  9.00

Steak Sandwich Supreme  10.00

Topped with swiss, mushrooms & onions

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Chicken Strips & Wings

Add Fries or Tots for $3

Chicken Strips  9.00

Chicken Wings (10)  10.00

Boneless Chicken Wings  10.00

Sauces: Buffalo, BBQ, Honey Garlic, Sweet Chili, Tangy Gold, Teriyaki, Garlic Parmesan

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Friday Fish Fry

Served with fries or tots, coleslaw, rye bread, lemon & tarter sauce

Regular Perch   19.00

Large Perch  22.00

Perch Sandwich  13.00

Shrimp Plate (7 jumbo butterfly)  14.00

Cod Nuggets  14.00

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Carry-Outs Welcome

50¢ extra per item

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Thank you for supporting local businesses!

Tax included on all prices
Prices subject to change without notice

*Our meat is cooked well done. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Menu: About Us
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